Story of a Designer



Subbalaxmi Nidmarty is most unlikely jewellery designer, as her background has nothing to do with art or jewellery. Way back she graduated as Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer from prestigious College of engineering Pune. After a long & successful stint as MD & CEO of a company which is in the business of manufacturing high tech process control instrumentation, one fine day she decided that there is much more to life than designing, manufacturing, marketing instruments. This was the time when her two children graduated as engineers and went abroad for higher education. With most domestic responsibilities over, she had time to muse about future activities.

Athlete turned artpreneur

She was an athlete during her young age, but early marriage followed by responsibilities as a mother and business woman did not allow her any time to pursue her athletic activities, so she decided to get back to sports once again. Since time was no constraint post retirement, she decided to start learning to play game of golf. Now after more than 15 years she is reasonably a good golfer and enjoys playing with her group of friends as often as possible & participate in local tournaments. Her instincts were prodding her to do something creative. She always liked designing some thing or the other. She finished designing interiors of her house, garden and was still looking for something more to do.
During one of her visits to US she had a chance encounter with a beading workshop at a local bead shop. After the workshop she bought few beads and designed a necklace and earrings for her daughter. Those pieces were liked and appreciated by one and all. This incident gave her an idea to design jewellery and that was the beginning of the journey for “Ssizzling Beads”. Returning home to India she started thinking about jewellery she would like to make under the brand name “Ssizzling Beads”.

Dive into trendy fashionable jewellery

The idea of creating jewellery which is not very expensive yet not cheap costume jewellery started taking shape in her mind. She decided to make trendy fashionable yet affordable jewellery for all those bold & beautiful WOMEN who like to accessorize their outfits with matching jewellery. It almost became an obsession with her to acquire different types of semiprecious beads & stones. She got her beads from Nepal, USA, Canada, South America, Alaska, Japan and many other places. She wanted to deviate from traditional concepts of Indian jewellery and create unique designs which are not available generally in shops. The designs must also suite the taste of modern and fashion-conscious
women of all age groups. She invited her friends to browse through her creations. The response was good. They liked the new concepts and colour combinations, which encouraged her to experiment with new designs.

And the journey continues…

With each passing day she became bold with her ideas and designs and now the jewellery that she makes is nothing very subtle. It feels that each piece is beckoning the modern fashion conscious, bold, beautiful and daring women to come and try it on.

Recently Ssizzling Beads has started experimenting on Polymer Clay to create colorful,
bold and beautiful, affordable Jewellery.